Kalari Marma Chikilsa

Marma chikilsa is the treatment of the vulnerable part of the human body. From olden days the kalaripayattu Gurukkals face the problems of injuries during fight or practice and they had to find a away to solve the issues. The 107 vital points led to the development of this unique treatment method. It is also very effective for wounds, burses and fractures. The treatment with herbs and herbal preparation can give instant relief. Massage is effective in treatment rheumatic complaints and nerval disorders.

Three forms of massages

  1. 1) Sukha thirummu ( physical comfort )
  2. 2) Katcha thirummu ( physical endurance and flexibilities )
  3. 3) Raksha Thirummus

Patients suffering from rheumatism, paralysis, back pain, slip disk, blood pressure, muscular problems, headaches, nervous weakness, stomach trouble, Asthma, anxiety, weakness, irritability, feelings of insecurity, agitation etc. get relief through massages. It is useful to promote sleep, for calming psychotic individuals, gives rest and relief to depressed patients or individuals with withdrawal symptoms Massages improve immunity and give self confidence and will power. For treatment or to get maximum benefits out of the massages, it is usually given as course for 7, 9, 11 or 14 days.

Advantages of a Massage

A massage has advantages both physically and mentally. Listed below are a few of each.

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After a massage, bones, muscles and the nervous system work more efficiently. Hence a massage is particularly good for the elderly. A massage is an ideal substitute for an exercise for those who feel lethargic or physically unfit to do exercises, as it can improve blood circulation. Healthy blood circulation cleans the impurities collected at different points in the body through outlets like breathe, sweat, stools and urine. Massage increases body flexibility. A massage is especially good when the skin has lost its vitality due to exposure to sun and pollution or due to chronic diseases. Organs like kidney, rectum, lungs, liver and small intestine are strengthened and can work more efficiently as a result of a good massage. Fatty deposits, especially in women, can be eliminated by breaking them down.
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Releases emotional stress Provides full relaxation. Gives new energy. Improves mental awareness.